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IKOO / 2018
Donghwan Song, Moses C. Nah, Subin Song, Youngyeong Ha

Car Door Dent Protector

In Korea, car door dent accidents, also known as 'Muncog', are one of the problems that cause Korean drivers stress when getting out and getting in the car. Against this background, 'IKOO', a door stop prevention product, was created to encourage drivers and passengers to perceive the distance sensuously and cautiously open the vehicle door through auditory and tactile stimulation when opening the door. At that time, our team aimed to improve the user experience with a solution through the senses, and created a prototype that could be commercialized through various experiments and verification.

Selection of final presentation in James Dyson Award 2018

Technical Support by Moses Chongook Nah (MSc Mechanical Engineering in MIT Lab)

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