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White Drop / 2020
Donghwan Song

Environment-Responsive Lighting

White Drop is an interactive lighting fixture designed to autonomously adapt to its surroundings, without the need for human intervention. Taking the form of a water droplet, this unique lighting object effectively harmonizes with the interior environment by responding to external factors such as curtains and blinds. At its core, the functionality of White Drop is driven by a light dependent resistor (LDR), which intelligently gauges the ambient illumination, and an LED component that dynamically adjusts its brightness in accordance with the environment. By utilizing advanced technology, White Drop showcases its ability to seamlessly integrate into any space, effortlessly creating an optimal lighting atmosphere. Through its interaction with various objects and elements within the interior, such as curtains and blinds, White Drop constantly ensures a consistent level of illumination that enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space.


The incorporation of a light dependent resistor enables White Drop to accurately assess the illumination present in the environment. This sensor actively measures the incoming light and transmits the data to the LED component, which then responds by adjusting its brightness accordingly. As a result, White Drop provides a dynamic lighting experience that effortlessly adapts to the changing conditions of the space. With its elegant water droplet shape and intelligent lighting capabilities, White Drop represents a cutting-edge solution in the field of interior illumination. By embracing the principles of adaptability and integration, this remarkable lighting object redefines the concept of responsive lighting, offering an unparalleled level of sophistication and ambiance to any environment.

Material : PLA
Size : ∅158 H84mm
Manufacturing Method : 3D Printing

Photographed by Donghwan Song

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