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Phono Sapiens Evol. 2 / 2021
Donghwan Song, Minwook Paeng, Sujin Kwon, Seokju Hwangbo

Project & Concept Director / Minwook Paeng
Object Designer / Donghwan Song
Photographer / Sujin Kwon
Visual Designer / Seokju Hwangbo
Hair & Makeup / Gyeongmin Choi

Model / Sanghoon Lee, Seojeong Oh, Sune Song

Participated in Object Design, 3D Modeling, and Prototyping


The emergence of Phono Sapiens, a human species born from the deep integration of smartphones into our lives, is a striking phenomenon of our time. While the overwhelming presence of smartphones is often viewed negatively due to the challenges it poses in living without them, we cannot deny the undeniable reality of this "Phono-sapiensization" process that humanity is undergoing. Instead of resisting this transformation, we acknowledge it as an inevitable moment of change.


Our project offers a unique opportunity to observe the current state of humanity's addiction to smartphones from a macroscopic perspective while also envisioning the evolution of the next generation of Phono Sapiens. It goes beyond the realms of traditional product design, taking on a more profound and thought-provoking dimension through irony and critique. Rather than solely focusing on solving the problems associated with smartphone addiction that we face today, we intend to encourage individuals to introspect and contemplate their own relationship with smartphones as they embark on the journey of becoming Phono Sapiens.


By examining this complex dynamic, we hope to foster a deeper understanding of the impact smartphones have on our lives and inspire self-reflection. Through this project, we aim to spark conversations and promote awareness about the evolving nature of our relationship with technology, urging individuals to question smartphones' role in shaping our identities as Phono Sapiens.

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