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Phono Sapiens Evol. 2 / 2021
Donghwan Song, Minwook Paeng, Sujin Kwon, Seokju Hwangbo

Project & Concept Director / Minwook Paeng
Object Designer / Donghwan Song
Photographer / Sujin Kwon
Visual Designer / Seokju Hwangbo
Hair & Makeup / Gyeongmin Choi

Model / Sanghoon Lee, Seojeong Oh, Sune Song

Participated in Object Design, 3D Modeling, and Prototyping

Phono Sapiens is a human species born from smartphones. In these days, smartphones have penetrated too deeply into the lives of modern people. This is perceived as negative being because it makes it difficult for us to live without them. However, the ‘Phono-sapiensization’ of mankind is an undeniable situation that must be encountered in the present Thus, we do not deny the fact that the human body is controlled by smartphones, but accept it as an inevitable moment of the change.

Through this project, we can look at the present human being addicted to smartphones from a macroscopic perspective, and predict the evolution of the next generation Phono Sapiens. Our project is not just a common product design, but more of an ironic and critical design. Rather than focusing on solving the problems we are currently facing, we hope that people can look back on their smartphone addiction and reflect on themselves as they evolve into Phono Sapiens.

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