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B1 Furniture / 2020
Donghwan Song

BKID Internal Furniture Project, directed by Bongkyu Song(Founder, Design Director in BKID).
2 types of those furniture used for storage cabinet and trolley for photography studio.


This furniture series encompasses two distinct types of pieces specifically designed for different purposes. The first type caters to photography facilities, offering functional and ergonomic furniture solutions tailored to the unique requirements of a photography or design studio. These pieces are carefully crafted to provide optimal support and convenience for photographers during their work. The second type of furniture in this series is designed to serve as rostrums for project presentations. These pieces are thoughtfully constructed to create a professional and engaging platform for showcasing and delivering presentations. They prioritize both functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that presenters have a conducive environment to effectively convey their ideas and engage with their audience. By addressing the specific needs of photography facilities and project presentations, this furniture series aims to enhance productivity, efficiency, and the overall user experience in these respective contexts.

Material : Valchromat

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