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Form & Function / 2020
Donghwan Song

New PUI Guide Forms

Nowadays, there are numerous types and numbers of existing products. Even when people use products including analog and digital product, they mainly use 'Physical User Interfaces'. Users manipulate the product's simple and detailed functions primarily through their actions like pressing the button, turning dials, touching screens, etc.

However, when we classifying these interfaces applied in the products, they are actually categorized in to a few types; button, dial, lever, slide, and surface. In this sense, when users manipulate those existing PUI, they may feel the lack of new experience and the limitations in terms of expanded usability when they use the products.

With these insights, 'Form&Function' is a project providing a guide to new PUI types with utilizing physical principles such as friction, gravity, and tension, carried out to extend the user experience and functionality limited only down to existing few types of Physical User Interfaces relative to a wide variety of products kinds. In addition, by utilizing form factors of those physical UI, designer would open up the possibility of changes in design if this guide forms are applied to the products.

Photographed by Donghwan Song