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FLO / 2023
Donghwan Song, Lucas Hosteing

Wind Turbine with Color-changing Effect

The International Civil Aviation Organization restricts the colors of wind turbines to a palette of five shades from the RAL color standard, ranging from pure white to off-white. This decision has been taken for safety reasons, ensuring that the large structures stand out from the surrounding landscape and are easily visible from the air. Yet it is this purposeful obtrusiveness that puts many people off the technology. 
As such, FLO plays with these color restrictions, utilizing a graphic pattern that ensures the wind turbine remains white and visible to passing aircraft while offering a shifting vista of color when it is viewed from the ground. Applying a 3D texture to the shaft makes it possible to paint the top of the ridges present within the pattern white, while the undersides are colored to form graphics reminiscent of the shifting horizons observable on Fogo Island. Flo is located north of the community at Joe Batt’s Arm, next to the Long Studio artists’ studio designed by architect Todd Saunders. Just as Long Studio serves as a point of contemporary design, sensitively inserted into the landscape, Flo demonstrates how wind turbines can be better integrated into their environment while complying with safety standards. Flo’s colorful profile turns it into a landmark for Fogo Island – one that rebuffs the color clichés of pre-existing renewable resources.


Contribution of 3D Modeling for Wind Turbine Heads at the ECAL U.F.O.G.O. Exhibition

Participated in modeling for all wind turbine heads needed for the exhibition, which were used for final prototypes and 3D animations.

Collaboration Partners

Shorefast Fogo Island 

HEIG-VD/School of Management and Engineering Vaud (Marc Pellerin, Philippe Morey, and Marco Viviani)

Media Partner


Photographed by Donghwan Song and Marvin Merkel

Exhibited at 'U.G.O.G.O.' for 'Milan Design Week 2023', 'Swissnex 20th Anniversary Metropolis Exhibition', and 'Transform! Designing the Future of Energy' in Vitra Design Museum