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Arc Way / 2023
Donghwan Song, Seunghyeon Yoo

Collaboration Project with Seunghyeon Yoo

Arc Way is an interactive bench for shared spaces. In developing this furniture, we aimed to transcend the traditional notion of simple seating structures. Rather than just being a place to rest, it's a conduit for dynamic interaction between the users and the space. Inspired by the C-shaped hoop, we've sculpted a distinctive typology that brings forth multifaceted experiences, whether they are physical, aesthetic, or social. It showcases its versatility through its movable seating structure with the rail. Depending on user preferences, its configuration can adapt to encourage either interactive or independent experiences. This malleable feature of 'Arc Way' serves multiple purposes: it not only becomes a medium for conversation but also offers moments of reprieve.

Our experiences in Switzerland, where design seamlessly blends simplicity with functionality, played a pivotal role in the conception of Arc Way. The understated refinement and natural aesthetics of the materials we've used mirror this philosophy. With this new typology of the bench, we're not merely presenting furniture; we're introducing a new framework of social interaction and spatial experience in shared environments.

Working Video

'Shortlist' in One & Twenty 2024
Manufactured in Seoul, KR

Photographed by Jongwon Kang and Donghwan Song
Exhibited at Toyo Gagu Club x Local Stitch 'Zing'

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