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Floral Stack / 2023
Donghwan Song, Pyeori Jung

Collaboration Project with Pyeori Jung

Presenting 'Floral Stack', a meticulously designed storage module inspired by the traditional beehives used in apiaries. Created as a collaboration with Pyeori, this piece was unveiled at the "Drawn to" exhibition held in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The exhibit brought together 17 European designers, predominantly based around Eindhoven and Belgium, to showcase their own art pieces in a pop-up store in Sectie-C. Crafted from anodized aluminum, these modular containers stand out for their robustness and aesthetics. The organic flower-shaped handles, extruded on either side, add a touch of nature to this modern storage solution. Its palette, comprising black, silver, and blue, provides versatility to complement various interior decors.

Fabricated in Eindhoven, NL

Photographed by Pierre Castignola
Exhibited at 'Drawn To' in Sectie-C and 'Dutch Design Week 2023'

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