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Flexi Jet / 2022
Donghwan Song

Hair Dryer with Multi-directional UI

Flexi Jet Dryer is a hairdryer designed with a rotating interface for intuitive manipulation in any direction. It addresses the inconvenience of fixed interfaces found in traditional hairdryers by incorporating a Power Dial, Temperature Dial, and LED Indicator at the bottom of the handle. This allows users to easily control air strength and temperature, regardless of the operational direction. The Power Dial has a limited rotation of 180 degrees, while the Temperature Dial offers infinite rotation. An LED indicator intuitively displays the current temperature state. With dimensions of 50×248×220mm, the Dryer is designed to improve grip and usability. Users can activate the hairdryer by turning the Power Dial counterclockwise, adjusting the airflow speed, and control the temperature by rotating the Temperature Dial.

Photographed by Donghwan Song

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