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Chubby Stool / 2020
Donghwan Song

Chubby Stool draws inspiration from the distinctive form of chubby-shaped legs. This furniture project was conceived and developed as part of the esteemed 'MDF Stool Making Workshop' under the direction of Fountain Studio in Seoul. The workshop provided a platform for innovative furniture design exploration, and the Chubby Stool emerged as a result of creative ingenuity and meticulous craftsmanship. The stool's minimal aesthetic and ergonomic features exemplify the fusion of artistic vision and functional design principles. By participating in this workshop, the Chubby Stool project showcases the dedication to excellence and the commitment to pushing the boundaries of furniture design in collaboration with esteemed industry professionals.

Material : MDF
Size : 370 x 370 x 470(mm)

Photographed by Deokyoun Kim

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