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Tamable Chair / 2020
Donghwan Song

The Tamable Chair is a furniture project that leverages the unique properties of Styrofoam, which undergoes deformation under specific force and pressure. Building upon this understanding, the chair is designed to gradually adapt and optimize itself to the user's body shape, facilitating a sensible and physical interaction between the user and the chair.

During the initial stages of use, the user may experience a sense of unfamiliarity when sitting on the chair, as it undergoes slight adjustments to conform to their body. However, with continued use, the chair gradually "tames" itself, molding to the user's contours and providing a personalized and comfortable seating experience. This innovative furniture project underscores the dynamic nature of the Tamable Chair, highlighting its ability to evolve and adapt over time. By incorporating the properties of Styrofoam, the chair fosters an ongoing relationship between user and furniture, ultimately resulting in a tailored and ergonomic seating solution. The Tamable Chair embodies the principles of user-centric design, continuously enhancing the user's comfort and satisfaction as they engage with the furniture.

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Manufactured in Paju, KR
Photographed by Donghwan Song

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