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Infocuum / 2019
Donghwan Song, Hyunji Kang, Subin Song, Youngyeong Ha

'Best of the year' in iF Design Talent Award 2019
'Finalist' in Spark Design Award 2019

When cleaning gaps, such as under or behind furniture and appliances, users cannot clearly see the area, making it difficult to clean.
Infocuum is a concept project of wireless vacuum cleaner that helps the users effectively identify where they want to clean by capturing the floor through a wide-angle video camera attached to the head and transmitting it to the display located on the handle in real time. This product also detects the angle of the vacuum rod and moves the interface so that the users can easily see the display.

Posted in Yanko Design, Trend Hunter

Design Renewal by Donghwan Song, Subin Song, and Hyunji Kang in 2020

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