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Infocuum / 2019
Donghwan Song, Hyunji Kang, Subin Song, Youngyeong Ha

Vacuum Cleaner for Blind Spots

Infocuum represents a cutting-edge wireless vacuum cleaner that offers users a unique cleaning experience. This innovative device incorporates a wide-angle video camera, seamlessly integrated into the vacuum cleaner's head, which captures real-time footage of the floor surface. The captured video is then transmitted to a display located on the handle, allowing users to visualize and precisely target the areas they wish to clean. By leveraging the capabilities of a wide-angle video camera and wireless transmission technology, Infocuum enhances cleaning efficiency and accuracy. The real-time floor capture enables users to effectively navigate their cleaning efforts, ensuring thorough coverage and precise targeting of specific areas or debris. The integration of this visual feedback system sets Infocuum apart from traditional vacuum cleaners, offering users a heightened level of control and visibility during the cleaning process. By providing live video feedback, users can easily identify dirt, dust, or other particles that may have been missed with conventional cleaning methods. Infocuum's wireless functionality and real-time video capture demonstrate its commitment to convenience and innovation in the cleaning industry. This advanced vacuum cleaner empowers users with improved visibility and precision, transforming the cleaning experience into a more efficient and effective endeavor.

'Best of the year' in iF Design Talent Award 2019

Posted in Yanko Design, Trend Hunter

Design Renewal by Donghwan Song, Subin Song, and Hyunji Kang in 2020