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Cocoon / 2020
Donghwan Song, Sunghyun Ham

Cocoon Phase 1(BC_Before Corona)

'Remembering not to lose preciousness as being deceived by familiarity' from Saint Exupery's 'Young prince'.

Our harsh daily lives, and our hectic life, have been piled up with annoyance and quarrels without seeing the little preciousness. It can be a simple and natural daily lives, but it makes us to realize how foolish the annoyance and anger are. Before the Corona-19 Virus, we couldn't even confirm that our insides were eroded and just kept running forward. Also, we cannot recognize that the daily lives before the corona were previous presences.

Cocoon Phase 2(AC_After Corona)

With the advent of the post-corona era, we think that we can no longer go back to our previous(BC) lives. To be honest, there's no need to struggle to go back. Because our society constantly seeks and evolves in a better direction to overcome this situation. Although we suffer from the pandemic, we think that our future lives will be better than our past lives.

The encounter with Corona gave us the opportunity to look back on ourselves, and to create a new, self-focused routine. This redefines the direction of our life and stabilizes our attitude for living with others. In other words, AC(after corona) gives us time to rest for a while, and a stage of readiness to leap to the next step.

Our Cocoon means 'A Space to recharge the energy needed to live in an uncertain society'.

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